Do You Live in a Flood Zone?

It’s hurricane season.  Do you know if you live in or near a flood zone?  Flood zone maps and information for property owners in East Baton Rouge Parish are available online. Let us show you how to find your lot!

  • Go to
  • Click Online Maps
  • Under Property Search, chose search lots by Address, Subdivision, or Business Name
  • After entering your search terms, click Search
  • Results display with the option to select Map or Details
  • Select Details
  • In the Property Details Box, look for the heading Flood Zone
  • The flood zone label is a link to an FAQ page that briefly describes the nature of four different flood zones.


  • Flood zone information is not available for Baker and Zachary.
  • Java must be installed on your computer to display maps. Java is available as a free download from
  • Be sure to check out our Hurricane Hotline for the latest storm information and hurricane preparedness tips!

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