Business Person of the Month: Marcus K. Lewis

As an entrepreneur, Marcus Lewis is dedicated to getting the word out about the business he started in 2003. He was recently profiled in the Greater Baton Rouge Business Report. There's an article about the business on the website of the National Association of Minority Contractors-Southern Region. He even appeared in Ebony Magazine’s 2006 edition showcasing the "Top Bachelors of the Year." He says he didn’t anticipate how large an impact that national exposure would have. "I still meet people who recognize me from that article."

Lewis attended Delgado Community College with plans to become a mortician, but later went to work in industry. He continues to work shift work at a plastics plant, but was inspired to go into custom clothing after he visited a fine clothing store in the area. At first he thought he'd like to open a store himself, but after he investigated the business, he felt an affinity for the close-up, one-on-one, personal service of the custom clothier.

When he started Lewis Pierce Fine Clothing (named in honor of his grandfather) he had only a website as home for his fledgling business. He would see clients in his home or visit them at their home or office. Though Lewis has many well-established, older clients, the majority of his business comes from young entrepreneurs like himself, many of whom work from their homes. His clientele has reached such a point that he was able to rent a seven hundred square foot space in March where he consults with clients by appointment only. "If I show my clients I'm growing, we can grow as a team." Lewis feels that taking on rental of shop space will keep him focused on growing the business. "Besides I wanted to separate my business and personal life."

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