How Do I Find Flood Zone Information?

**Updated May 2011**

The LSU AgCenter has probably the easiest to navigate online flood maps. Search for an address in East Baton Rouge Parish. Search Other Parishes in Louisiana.

Please read the special supplement: Using Flood Maps When Waters are Rising for valuable information concerning the current Spring 2011 flood situation.

Printed East Baton Rouge Parish flood maps are available at each branch of the East Baton Rouge Parish Library. They are also available online from the FEMA Map Service Center. There is an online tutorial with instructions on printing a letter or legal size copy of these maps. The flood zone designations, such as X or A, are defined at FEMA Flood Zone Designations.

Residents of East Baton Rouge Parish can also go to the East Baton Rouge Parish Geographic Information System. After searching for a particular address, click on Details, where you can find the property’s flood zone designation as well as lot and block number, subdivision, voting district and much more.

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