Statista-The Leading Statistics Portal

We have a powerful and user friendly new statistics database called Statista. This is a crucial resource for business, student research and even just to satisfy a general interest. It’s one thing knowing that statistics are out there, but it’s another thing tracking them down in a form that’s useful to you. This resource is the answer!

Statista offers the latest statistics on all kinds of things, easily searchable. It covers over 60,000 topics! From social media usage, to retail sales of toys, to Broadway show attendances. The list goes on. It also gives you multiple options for downloading and for presenting the statistics. It will generate graphs for you, you can even download a chart directly into PowerPoint.

As well as statistics there are also thousands of studies and market research reports. If you’re looking for information on a company you’ll find incredibly in-depth dossiers at the click of a button. Head over to Statista and take a look around. You can access it through the links on this page or through our online databases page.


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