Liberty Magazine

Liberty Magazine was published weekly from 1924-1950. It was a bit like the New Yorker: it published opinion articles on everything from what clothes make you look skinny to which bits of the world the United States should go interfere with, as well as healthy doses of fiction written by some of the writers we now recognize to be preeminent in their field.

Much like our resources Women’s Wear Daily and the Vogue Archives, every page of the magazine’s original run has been scanned in high quality. In addition to the standard basic and advanced searches, you can also browse by date, contributor, and artist. So far we like searching by contributor, just for fun – we’ve found short stories by F. Scott Fitzgerald and political opinion pieces by H.G. Wells, to name a few.

If you like the written word, advertising, or the history of culture, this is a resource you won’t want to miss.

2016-07-05 _ East Baton Rouge Parish Library

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