Pokemon Go @yourlibrary

Pokemon Go is one of the most fun things that’s hit the app store in a long, long time, and you can play too at almost all of our fourteen library branches.


These are just a few of the Poke Stops, and one of the Poke Gyms, that are within walking distance of the Main Library, most of which are located in the BREC’s beautiful Botanic Gardens:


(One of our librarians hit the one in the center already, which is very conveniently accessible inside the building. For context, the parking lot is over on the right, and the street on the left is Independence Boulevard.)

Carver Branch has set up a great display to welcome all new trainers to their gym, and it’s already attracting new Pokemon for the catching:

Carver Pokemon

You can even use training to be a Pokemon master for good! Check it out:

We’ve heard reports of all kinds of rare Pokemon at all of our branches. They must like books, too. Come to the library to pick up some Pokeballs, catch some Pokemon, and who knows – you might catch some knowledge, too.

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