Community Barbershop

Is your kid ready to impress their teachers, dazzle their friends, and – not least – look adorable in “spontaneous” First Day of School pictures? Push ’em over the edge by cleaning up their edges with a free haircut! Licensed barbers will be at the Greenwell Springs Road Regional Branch next Monday, August 7th, from 6-8 PM, to set up a free community barbershop. Kids ages 5 and up can get each and every one of the hairs on their heads cut for absolutely no money, which will leave you with something to spend on a new pair of shoes when the ones they have now inevitably break at the worst possible moment.

The Community Barbershop! If you’ve got a kid, and your kid has hair, and that hair should be shorter, you won’t want to miss this. Basic hair cuts will be provided for free on a first-come, first-serve basis.

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