History Resources

Betsy Ross’s original flag, as preserved by the Smithsonian.

Yesterday we celebrated the 244th US Independence Day. That’s a lot of history! Check out these resources for primary source documents and all kinds of information on the American Revolution or your favorite historical event:

Biblioboard – Your favorite source for indie authors is also a repository of open access information of all kinds! You can search by topic or name, or just browse their modules until you find something that seems neat. Go exploring!

CultureGrams – Bored of your own backyard? CultureGrams has information on every country, including recipes, fashion, and even recordings of national anthems.

The Vogue Archives and Women’s Wear Daily Archives – Vogue has been in publication since 1892, and Women’s Wear Daily began in 1910. If you have any interest in fashion, trends in public opinion, marketing, product design, and/or so much more, these are an invaluable resource. You can read a piece of history from cover to cover without even leaving your house.

These are just a few of the historical digital resources available to your library card. Head to the Digital Library and find out something new about something old.

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