Miss Humblebee’s Academy

Help prepare your pre-schooler for kindergarten and beyond with the help of your library! Miss Humblebee’s Academy supports young learners in building foundational literacy skills with guided lessons and 2,500+ activities.

Miss Humblebee can get your child interested in learning with lessons in art, math, music, science, social studies, and language and literacy. If you choose to create a permanent free account with your library card, they’ll be able to save lessons and come back to them later. There’s even a whole digital library of books that they can choose to read themselves, or have read aloud to them.

It’s totally safe to hand over your iPad – the site will send you a weekly report on their lessons, and even remind you of the best ways to practice for other early childhood developmental milestones you can’t learn online. Try Miss Humblebee’s Academy today!

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