Back-to-School, World Book Online Reference Center

World Book Online Reference Center

Looking for online learning essentials for this school year?  Set aside a quick moment to find out just why you are going to make room for World Book Online (WBO) on your top 3 list of learning “e”-ssentials this school year.  

Going beyond the scope of its renown, carefully-edited articles and colorful atlases, WBO delivers a ton of ultra cool interactive stuff for students, teachers, and parents alike.  In fact, there’s so much more to mention than we have room for that we’ve decided to begin this field trip with a little window shopping.  So, go ahead, take a look; but first, pump of the volume on your computer for this back-to-school search hint.

  • On the left navigation menu, click Online Databases.  
  • Click Enter [remote users need a library card to access all online databases].
  • Under the Statewide Databases list, click World Book Online Encyclopedia.
  • Scan the top right of the page; click Site Contents.
  • As you scan the list of contents, you’ll see a heading for Sounds; click search sounds.  [Note:  if you do not already have the plug-in RealOne Player®, click the link for a free download; you’ll want it for future use of WBO.]
  • On the search page, click uncheck all; check sounds.
  • Type the word “balalaika” [Russian stringed-instrument]; click GO.
  • You’ll retrieve two (2) results that contain an audio sample of the instrument; listen for fun!
  • To view photos of a balalaika, conduct a pictures search just as you did a sounds search.

WBO also provides Spanish speakers and students of Spanish with information in Estudiantil Hallazgos, World Book’s intermediate Spanish-language encyclopedia.  ¿Impresionate,eh?

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