Free E-Audiobooks

Here is a list of websites that offer free e-audiobooks that are downloadable and playable on mp3 players and/or iPods. Technical requirements vary from site to site. Quality of the recordings vary, with some texts read by computers. The files are generally large and are more suitable for broadband connections, however some are broken into chapters.

  • Gutenberg: The Audio Books Project — “Project Gutenberg makes audio eBooks available for some of the same great literature available in plain text. Listings are divided into two categories: Human-read and computer-generated audio books.”
  • LibraVox — A directory of e-audiobooks, some free.
  • Literal Systems — “Audio books you just can’t buy”
  • The Spoken Alexandria Project — “The Spoken Alexandria Project is creating a free Creative Commons library of spoken word recordings, consisting of classics in the public domain and modern works (with permission). AAC, Ogg Vorbis, and MP3 audiobooks available for free download and redistribution.”
  • PENNsound — A collection of free spoken poetry, including new audio recordings and existing audio archives. PennSound features “more than 200 writers and more than 10,000 recordings contributed by poets, fans and scholars worldwide.”

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