p4A Antiques Database and James Dean’s T-shirt

p4A Antiques Reference database is not just for collectors — it’s a collection in itself! It’s an image database with tons of great images of weirdly wonderful things.

Hidden in the depths of p4A you’ll find:

  • James Dean’s t-shirt from Rebel Without a Cause
  • Sitting Bull’s revolver
  • Gen. George A. Custer’s folding camp chair
  • a Tyrannosaurus rex claw
  • the Red Baron’s goggles

…and many more odd, yet historical, items of interest!

Why wait for Antiques Roadshow or Cash in the Attic? Be your own treasure hunter and explore p4A Antiques Reference database. And tell us about your Fabulous Finds!

To access p4A Antiques Database, go to the EBRPL Database Page and enter your library card number (if you are inside of the library, you can skip this step). Go to p4A Antiques Database from the left hand column under My Library’s Databases.

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