Business Person of the Month: Anne Ogea & Kelli Bush

The Lions Gate Centre is a collection of shops featuring gifts & collectibles, baby clothing, purses & bags, bath & body products — and much more. Open Monday through Saturday from 10-6, the business provides a venue for others to display and sell their creations. “We rent space (even as small as a table) for shoes, jewelry, picture frames, LSU items, books, etc.” Besides the rental spaces, co-owners Kelli Bush and Anne Ogea have added a separate women’s clothing store called Brooklynn’s Boutique.  Another separate business, Cher Bebe (children/baby clothing), is independently owned.

Not wanting to work full time while her daughters were younger, Anne Ogea created a web site ( for her purses and luggage in 2004 and sold her products at trunk shows, conferences, and holiday events. She traveled across the Southern marketplace, but she really wanted a permanent place to display and sell her merchandise.  Lions Gate was perfect for her, but she never imagined she’d end up owning the business. When the opportunity to purchase it arose, Anne called her best friend, Kelli Bush, to go in with her. Read More…

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