Teen Book Reviews #1

Our teen patrons have been telling us what they think about some of the books they are reading. Thanks to all the teens who contributed! If you’ve read a good book, email your review to teens@ebrpl.com

Twilight by Stephenie Meyer
Twilight is one of my favorite books because I love books that have suspense and love romance at the same time. The book is very dramatic with amazing characters in it featuring Edward, Bella, and Jake. If you like love stories with drama, you will love to read Twilight.
Bria, 16, Parkview Baptist

Fairest by Gail Carson Levine
This is my favorite book because its very adventurous with a lot of twists. A young girl with a beautiful voice but an ugly face that keeps people from knowing the real her. A dying king with a wife who will do anything to be beautiful, an evil magic mirror, and potions and ogres to the whole world running round. This adventurous love story encourages us to reach for the stars, and proves that beauty is only skin deep.
Natasha, 15, West Florida High

Bleach Volume 2
It was good. It was well drawn and interesting. I enjoyed it.
Ben, 13, St. Michael

Darkside by Tom Becker
It is scary in a thriller kind of way! You go through and feel the main character’s suspense and fear when he goes from normal England (lightside) to a darker England (darkside). It truly and really is the kind of book you’ll want to read during Halloween.
Alyssa, 15, Redemptorist

Katekyo Hitman Reborn
It’s about a Japanese kid who finds himself as the next in line in the mafia. Awesome story, funny too.
Emmanuel, 17

A Hope Undaunted by Julie Lessman (Adult Fiction)
This book is intense and is always changing. you expect one thing to happen and it doesn’t, but that’s when something better happens! Also Katie is ridiculous, she will make the book forever entertaining!
Danielle, 14, Ernest Ward Middle

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