Teen Book Reviews #2

Our teen patrons have been telling us what they think about some of the books they are reading.  Thanks to all the teens who contributed! If you’ve read a good book, email your review to teens@ebrpl.com

Artemis Fowl Series by Eoin Colfer
I love reading the Artemis Fowl Series because it has humor that only reading the book you can see. Artemis Fowl “boy genius” always makes you wonder what his plan is. From the fact that it involves magic, police and fairies almost makes you believe that all of the stories are true.
Khari, 15, Mentorship Academy

Going Bovine by Libba Bray
In Going Bovine you learn alot of new vocabulary and alot of life mottos. I do not normally laugh out loud at books but with Going Bovine i do alot! It’s also a very emotional book but all the while humorous! I love the book Going Bovine! GO READ IT NOW!!! 🙂
Cami, 16, Runnels

Kiki Strike by Kirsten Miller
It’s mysterious, about girls, fascinating, action. 5 delinquent girl scouts find an underground world. They fight bad people and rats. They are called the irregulars. All of the girls have special talents.
Tiffany, 12, Sherwood Middle

Tarot Cafe by Sang-son Pak
This Manga is very in-depth! I loved it!
Therese, 16, Christa Mcauliffe

The Well by A.J. Whitten
The Well is about a boy who’s mom keeps trying to kill him. All Cooper knows is that there is a creature in an old well and something isn’t right with his step-dad. And along with that, his girlfirned hates him…
Emily, 13, McKinley High

Bleach Series
Cool action and adventure, with teenage angst mixed in. Five stars!
Emmanuel, 17

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