The Price of Freedom: Americans at War

The Smithsonian National Museum of American History has a very interesting online exhibition we would like to share with you, The Price of Freedom: Americans at War. Major conflicts are presented on a timeline, from the War of Independence to the early 2000s. Selecting a conflict from the timeline will open up a page featuring a video and statistical information. From there you can enter an exhibition of artifacts held by the Smithsonian from each conflict/time period. These include uniforms, weapons, art and other interesting items. The crisp pictures of these artifacts and the details of the history behind them are the highlights of the exhibition. There is a large amount of content to look at on this site, and it’s not just for history buffs!

The Price of Freedom has a number of accompanying  educational resources available. This includes a teachers manual, lesson plans, videos and handouts. These are found in the Learning Resources section.

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