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EBRPL is officially on Tumblr! What in the world is Tumblr, you might ask? It’s a social media/blogging platform (think WordPress + Twitter) and we’re excited to unveil our official East Baton Rouge Parish Library Tumblr here!

If you’re interested in creating an account, it takes less than a minute and you’re in! Then you can use the handy search engine to find Tumblr sites that might interest you by searching topics you love. For example, searching for the tags #lit, #libraries, or #librarians will lead you to books- and library-related Tumblrs. You don’t need an account to check us out on Tumblr – just click here or follow the link from our homepage – but if you do have one, follow us for the latest on EBRPL and other topics we love!

East Baton Rouge Parish Library

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