The Game of Thrones Extravaganza is Postponed

This Friday night, there’s no better place to be than safe and dry in your houses. So as excited as we are about partying it up like a much less stabby version of the Dothraki, our Game of Thrones event has been postponed. But we thought we’d give you a taste of what’s in store.

Come joust with pool-noodle horses:

The vampire horse is everybody’s favorite, and he will lead you to victory.

Come design your very own house crest and shield:

House Addams: We Gladly Feast On Those Who Would Subdue Us

Come play trivia games, and win door prizes, and watch the awesome demos Baton Rouge’s own Society for Creative Anachronism is going to put on! It’s going to be amazing, no matter when it’s rescheduled to. Be there or be a White Walker.

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