Exceptional Lives: Disability Resource Guides for Louisiana

EBRPL is excited to share the launch of Exceptional Lives on August 9th!  This is a free online resource for families who have a loved one with a disability.

The platform consists of personalized, step-by-step guides on how to navigate disability-related processes such as special education, health insurance and filing for Supplemental Security Income PLUS a comprehensive Resource Directory of disability-related services.

You can search by zip code, child’s age, and services they need. Exceptional Lives also provides support for families through a phone helpline, e-mail and text messaging.

The platform will launch Wednesday, August 9 in Louisiana with 11 how-to guides and a robust resource directory for the entire state. We will be sharing additional information and links leading up to and following the launch, but for now, check out the following video:

4 thoughts on “Exceptional Lives: Disability Resource Guides for Louisiana”

    1. For help from the Exceptional Lives resource program, please contact the Exceptional Lives hotline at 1-844-354-1212.

      1. This is so sad because I tried several times calling to this number and every time I only get a message saying *the voicemail is full* so there is no help in the Exceptional lives hotline :'(

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