Do you see Beyoncé up there? Okay, library users, now let’s get information about how to download free music (that we can keep forever! for real!) from some of the greatest artists of all time, using Freegal.

Every active library user gets seven (7) free downloads per week, which you can use however you want. You can get a new song every day! You can get an entire album by downloading seven songs every week until you’re out of songs! You can even download music videos. One music video takes two download counters, so you can only get three and a half of them every week, or three music videos and one song, or two music videos and three songs, or whatever combination you like the best (as long as the other combination you like is “one video and five songs,” because that’s the only remaining option).

You can also stream as much music as you like while you’re connected to the internet! Your streaming time and the number of downloads you have left for that week is up in the top right corner of the screen:

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