Meanwhile, Back at Café du Monde

A little bit of theatre, a lot about cuisine and how food plays an important part of our culture and lives!

The only live food story show that originally premiered in Baton Rouge has swept the country with hundreds of touching and humorous food stories told by unique personalities celebrating the 2nd Universal Language – FOOD and how our lives revolve around the satisfaction of it. A bestselling coffee table/cookbook of the food stories and recipes was published by Pelican Publishing and has been endorsed by Chef Emeril Lagasse, Chef John Besh and Rex Reed.

Everyone has a “Café du Monde” – their little slice of heaven and a metaphor for their favorite food place where you know what you are ordering, you know it’s delicious, you know you can afford it, and you know you are with family or good friends and, while you are there, life is really wonderful! These humorous, spontaneous, and heartfelt stories all have the common thread of food – our culture and relationships, personal life stories, restaurant experiences, past love affairs and more.

Featuring stories by:

  • Smiley Anders
  • Jerry Leggio
  • Franz Borghardt
  • Teresa Day
  • Fairleigh Jackson
  • Kara Castille
  • Peggy Sweeney-McDonald

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