What Will You Make?

Do you like science? Do you like art? Do you like it when technology and creativity get mashed together in a perfect combination of beauty and innovation? You’re going to LOVE the Maker Faire!

Every year, the East Baton Rouge Parish Library hosts a Mini Maker Faire. Everyone from LIGO LA (the research institute that discovered gravity waves) to local artist, puppeteer and probable wizard Clay Achee (Beyond the Garage! Ziggy and the Junkyard Band!)  has been a Maker. This year, we want YOU!

Are you a fashionista who makes their own clothes? Bring your best outfit, and sign up to be in the fashion show! Do you weave your own tapestries? Come teach us how! All are welcome at the 2019 Mini Maker Faire, and we can’t wait to make new things with you.

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