Mid City Micro Con – Virtual Cosplay Competition

Just because this year’s Mid City Micro-Con is taking place online, you think you have to give up cosplay? NEVER. All you have to do is fill out this Google form (if you have a Google account) or email your pictures and/or video, and answers to the following questions, to midcitymicrocon@gmail.com.

*Required Answers

  1. *Name:
  2. *Email address:
  3. *Age:
  4. Phone number:
  5. How do you prefer to be contacted?
    • Email
    • Phone
    • Text
  6. Primary Category:
    • Kids (10 & under)
    • Teens (11-18)
    • Adults (19 & over)
    • Group
  7. *Character Name(s):
  8. Source/Series of Origin or Name of Original Design (name of show, comic, anime, etc.):
  9. Please submit a brief statement about your cosplay process that the judges can read aloud if you win. You can talk about why you picked that character, how you put the costume together, what you like about comics and cosplay, or whatever else you’d like people to know.
  10. *How did you hear about the Mid City Micro-Con?
  11. Please attach any photos or videos to this email or provide a link to your files below.

Participants for this contest do not have to meet a certain percentage of craftsmanship to enter. However, crafted costumes, props, etc. are highly encouraged. Judging is done on a first-come/serve basis. Winners will be notified the day of the competition as part of a YouTube Live video. All are encouraged to submit a video or written statement about their character choice and costume to be included in that session if they win. If you do not include both answers to all required questions and images or video of your cosplay, your entry will not be judged.

Applications are open until Friday, August 28th, at 6PM. We’ll announce the winners with judges Lady Luna Loveless, Ninja Yoyo, and Gamma Rae Cosplay at the end of the con on Saturday, August 29th – you can find the schedule on our infoguide. Can’t wait to see what you come up with!

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