Book Notes September Quiz

Book Notes is a monthly email newsletter written by Gerald Lively. If you would like to sign up for his newsletter please email him at Here is the September quiz from Book Notes:

Newspaper Headlines Based on Literary Works

Each entry below represents a make-believe newspaper headline that describes the plot or an incident in a famous novel, short story or play. Can you name each work and its author?

1. Accused murderer accidentally hangs himself while trying to escape London mob

2. Architect found innocent after admitting he destroyed Government housing project

3. Man planning to marry found to have crazed wife locked in attic

4. Slave beaten to death by New Orleans area plantation owner

5. “Gutter Snipe” reportedly transformed into “Lady” by noted phonetics professor

6. Woman forced to choose which of her two children must die

7. Adulteress throws self under moving train

8. Maids write tell-all about employment in southern white society

9. Teacher accused of lesbian relationship commits suicide

10. Vicious attacks by birds reported in small Cornish town

11. Fireman hunted for not burning books

12. Man makes trip through Hell and lives to tell about it

13. Mysterious millionaire found murdered in swimming pool

14. Prominent local white attorney defends black man charged with rape of white woman

15. Well-known London detective falls to death during altercation with criminal mastermind

Want to see how you did? We’ve got the answers posted on our Find a Good Book InfoGuide (no cheating!)

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