EBSCO Animals

Wow!  Did you know that common garden snails have a maximum life span of nearly 10 years?  Ever hear of a marsupial frog?  X-ray fish…bird of paradise…what’s in a name?  Do Australian mud-nesters really forage in mud? Find out using EBSCO Animals!

Parents, tutors, and teachers find this an indispensable tool for helping students explore the wild world of animals.  Grab descriptive facts about mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians, fish, and prehistoric animals.  Entries begin with animal classification including kingdom, class, order, genus & species, and geographical locale.  Some colorful images may be ‘spotted’, too!  

  • Click “Online Databases” on the left navigation menu of our home page.
  • Click “Enter” (remote users will be asked to enter library card number).
  • From the Statewide Databases list, click “EBSCO”; select EBSCOHost Web; scroll and click “EBSCO Animals”.
  • Let’s explore the differences and similarities of dolphins and the prehistoric ichthyosaurus.  In the blank search box, type ichthyosaurus; click search.
  • To read the article, click either the entry title or HTML Full Text.
  • Want to challenge your student’s foreign language skills?  Translate this or any page in EBSCO Animals into Spanish, French, Portuguese, or German!

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