Finding eMedia in OverDrive

Finding books in your favorite format is easy with Overdrive, the Library’s new eMedia service.

Use the search box at the top of the page to do a simple search to find  eMedia by title or creator/author. So if you just want to find Huckleberry Finn or any eMedia titles by Mark Twain, use this option.

If you want a particular format — or you need a particular language — use the Advanced Search option.  In Advanced Search you can specify format (audiobook, video, or Adobe or Mobipocket ebook), language, publisher, or subject, as well as the book title and author/creator.  You can also perform a keyword search with Advanced Search.

Don’t feel like searching for anything?  Browse the collection using the menu links on the lefthand side of the page.  From the menu you can browse the Fiction and Non-Fiction titles, explore the Teen and Childrens’ collection, or view all titles in a particular format.   You can also see new releases, what titles the Library staff likes, what titles have been checked out the most, and what titles have been recently returned. 

Browsing is fun and allows you to sample eMedia content without committing.  You can read excerpts of ebooks, listen to audio excerpts and view movie clips — all from the comfort of your home computer!  What could be simpler (or more entertaining)?

So check out the Library’s eMedia collection and start using Overdrive today!

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