Business Person of the Month: John Melancon

River Road Coffees is owned and operated by John Melancon. Sometimes called "The Coffee Man," he's a veteran in the coffee industry with more than 30 years of experience. "We produce the best coffee and coffee service in the Baton Rouge area." The company uses only high-quality green coffee beans in their custom blends. They roast the beans by hand-and-eye, personally supervising the grinding and packaging, and provide customer service which always exceeds expectations. Consequently, RiverRoad's coffees and teas are quickly becoming the favorite of many folks in the Baton Rouge area.

The shortest time between roasting and brewing is the secret behind every savory cup of RiverRoad Coffee. "We roast only the right amount of beans each time to assure the freshest aroma and flavor of each cup." To further assure the freshest and finest taste, River Road Coffees offers a Coffee Service which provides and maintains all your brewing equipment and supplies. During each delivery, all equipment is inspected and cleaned to assure consistent flavor and freshness quality with each and every cup. "Our customers have become our best salespeople. For information on how to get the best tasting coffee on the planet, call us today."

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