Library Elf

Perhaps you’ve read one of those fantasy novels where the wizard has a fairy that sits on their shoulder that gives them tips and reminds them of things they may have forgotten. Wouldn’t it be nice to have one of those in your modern life? Perhaps it would remind you when your books are due.

The East Baton Rouge Parish Library is proud to announce a partnership with Library Elf, which is an email library reminder service.

When you sign up for the service, Library Elf will email you a reminder BEFORE your books are due. It also keeps track of your items’ due dates, your overdue books, and your holds.

Library Elf can also track multiple library accounts, which is particularly useful to families, so that parents can keep track of multiple accounts.

Signing up for the service is voluntary and secure. Just go to Library Elf Sign Up and enter your email and make up a password. At the next step, choose your library (in this case East Baton Rouge Parish Library) and enter your card number. Then you enter your notification preferences. For example, do you want to be emailed 3 days before something is due, or on the actual due date? Library Elf sends a confirmation notice to your email, which activates your account.

You email address is kept confidential, as is any other personal information. Library Elf does not retain any information about your checkout history. If you have any questions be sure to read the Library Elf Privacy Policy and FAQ.

Everyone who has tried the service has wondered how they functioned without it. That’s because Library Elf works for you, and makes your life easier.

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