New Library Catalog Fun Facts!

We’re live with our new much improved online catalog!  We’ll be updating this page with new tips so keep checking back! From our homepage click on the Library Catalog link.

Here are our Twitter tip postings about the new catalog:

Fun Fact 1: Our new catalog search page has a direct link to our newest feature films. Cool.

Fun Fact 2: Use the “Find Articles” link on the catalog search page to access our databases. It’s easy!

Fun Fact 3: Want to find fiction audios? The “More Search Options” tab has a “popular collections” selection menu. Pick your collection.

Fun Fact 4: Search the collection at your fave branch in “More Search Options.” Use the “Location” box to choose your branch

Fun Fact 5: Use “Browse Search” to see all things on a topic. Try keyword “horror” and collection “Teen” to get scary teen titles.

Fun Fact 6: A green check next to a title means there is a copy available in the system. A red X means all copies are checked out.

Fun Fact 7: Keep track of your check-outs, renew books, and see what you have on hold with “My Account.”

Fun Fact 8: “My Account” can send you alerts when we get in new books by your fave authors! Set up your alerts today!

Fun Fact 9: The “How Do I? Guides” link on the search page will answer your “How Do I do This?” questions. Well… most of them…

Fun Fact 10: Click on the “Computer Classes” link to find out what FREE computer classes we’re offering. Main & branches are listed.

Fun Fact 11: “Simple Search” is a general search. Use “More Search Options” when you need to be specific or you’re unsure of the topic.

Fun Fact 12: Need a book in Spanish or French? Use the “publication language” menu in “More Search Options.” More languages coming…

Fun Fact 13: Not sure what you want? Use Browse Search – type in your topic, pick your collection/format. You get a list of titles!

Fun Fact 14: If you want to read short books, limit your search to a certain number of pages in More Search Options or Browse Search.

Fun Fact 15: Search the Community Information Database to find clubs, social services, tutors & government agencies. Useful!!

Fun Fact 16: Did you know we have artwork to check out? Use Popular Collections in “More Search Options” to find your favorites.

FunFact 17: Does your local branch have a certain book? Pick your branch from the location list, then search. No results? Not there.

Fun Fact 18: Make a Wish List! Do your search. Click in the box by your choice(s). Click “Save Selected Items” button. Voila!

Fun Fact 19: OPAC dropping your login? At the login screen, click the YES checkbox. You won’t be dropped until you click log off.

East Baton Rouge Parish Library Catalog

4 thoughts on “New Library Catalog Fun Facts!”

  1. I can’t tell you how much I hate the new website. The main reason anyone would come to it is likely to renew books but you’ve made it extremely difficult to find this information and more complicated to do so now. On your old home page it was right on the home page but now you have to dig for this information. I don’t like wasting 20 minutes to do something that used to take one minute. I encourage others who have had problems with the “improved” website to let their opinions be known.

  2. The new catalog is much nicer than the old one! I like the icons that tell what kind of item it is. The colors are kinda wierd but it works great.

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