Making the Macintosh

How does Apple do it? If you’ve ever asked yourself this question you’ll want to check out Making the Macintosh: Technology and Culture in Silicon Valley.

The site is easy to use and includes archives, primary source documents, images and interviews with, among others, the designers of the Macintosh & the Lisa mouse, the designer of the iconic Macintosh icons, and a member of an influential Macintosh users group, BMUG.

The Mouse link under Images has several drawings of a mouse most consumers never saw, since computers were marketed initially to government, industry, and universities. An early image shows a colorful ad for the Hawley X036X mouse, a 3 button mouse (talk about clunky!!).  The Mouse link also contains dozens of interviews, memos and reports of various key players in the development and the promotion of the mouse.

So remember Steve Jobs by visiting this excellent overview of the technological contributions made by his company.

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