Buying Books Through Overdrive

We all love Overdrive and having convenient access to thousands of eBooks and audiobooks. Downloading them wherever you may be to your smartphone, computer or eBook reader.

Sometimes, when you are browsing our Overdrive catalog you’ll see a book you really want to read, but there is a waiting list. Well, if you decide you want the book right away, there is the option to buy it. You can enjoy the instant gratification of reading the book as well as the warm feeling in your belly knowing that you are helping the library too. This is also the case if you know you are going to buy a book, by getting to the bookseller through us rather than going straight to their site, you are supporting the library.

When you click the ‘Buy it Now’ link in Overdrive you will be redirected to a bookseller such as Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and independent book stores. You get to choose who you buy from. Then when you buy the book, a portion of the proceeds go back to the library, and every penny of that goes to allowing us to purchase more books for you and more copies of popular titles! It’s a win/win situation!

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