It’s the Final Countdown

Tomorrow is your last chance to exercise your civic right to vote. Not, you know, ever, but for possibly the entire rest of October, so it’s still kind of a big deal! Let us catch you up on the final info you might be missing before you take yourself to your local polling place to let your voice be heard.



Still not quite sure where your polling place is? The Voter Portal is up on the Secretary of State’s website basically all the time, and you can put in your name and birth date or zip code OR your address and it’ll tell you where you’re supposed to be. They’ve also got a sample ballot you can print out, fill in, and bring with you to the polls if you want your notes with you.

PAR Louisiana has a great guide on the proposed amendments to our state’s constitution that breaks down what a vote for or against each change would mean, and how a change would affect the laws that are already in place.


If you’d like more information on each of the candidates for governor, well, let us look that up for you:

  1. Scott A. Angelle
  2. Beryl Billiot
  3. “Jay” Dardenne
  4. Cary Deaton
  5. John Bel Edwards
  6. Jeremy “JW” Odom
  7. Eric Paul Orgeron
  8. S L Simpson
  9. David Vitter

To learn more about the library’s presence on the ballot, please refer to the Dedicated Library Tax Millage FAQ posted on our website – and if you want even more information than that, call your friendly neighborhood librarians at (225) 231-3750! We’re always here, and if we aren’t, we will be soon. MUAHAHAHAH–what? It’s Halloween, it’s fine.

Always remember: We are your library system, fourteen branches and countless librarians strong, and we love you. Now get out there and contribute to society!

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