LAST BLAST – Maker Faire 2016 is TOMORROW!

You’ve seen the posts on social media. You might even have caught one of our TV or radio spots. You know that Acadian Robotics is giving away a free 3D printer to one lucky raffle winner, and that EA Games packs are available as door prizes, and that some people might even be lucky enough to meet Mythbusters’ own Jamie Hyneman, the mustachioed demigod of geeky experimentation himself. So you know how much it would suck to miss this.


This year’s mini-Maker Faire runs from 10:00 AM – 6:00 PM, which is two whole hours longer than last year’s. That’s two extra hours of the concentrated power of creativity of all of Baton Rouge combining with the awesome forces of the library’s stores of knowledge and information. It’s not likely that so much magic in one place will spontaneously engineer a portal into another, cooler dimension, but…who’s to say, really? And who would want to miss it if it happened?

If somehow you’re still not convinced, check out the 2016 roster of makers! It’s ridiculous!

Check out the #makerfaire and #brmakerfaire tags on social media to see what’s happening at our techy smorgasbord and at sister events across the country!

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