Lynda in the Fall

As the nights get longer and the air gets colder, give yourself a reason to stay indoors with a popular course from Lynda!

  1. Foundations of Programming: Fundamentals
  2. Communication Tips
  3. WordPress Essential Training
  4. Up and Running with C++
  5. SEO Fundamentals
  6. Java Essential Training
  7. HTML Essential Training
  8. Photography 101 (2012)
  9. C++ Essential Training
  10. Becoming a Web Developer: Full Stack vs Front End

If you’ve been affected by the events of this summer, or if the encroaching darkness makes you a little uneasy, make sure to check out the new Happiness Tips course. Author Chris Croft will release one new tip every Monday on topics like misbeliefs about happiness, focusing on good, building gratitude, eliminating sources of unhappiness, and reducing stress. It’s free with your library card!

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