Indie Author Day

This Saturday, celebrate self-publishing with Indie Author Day!

If you’ve ever written a book, this is for you, whether you’ve been published or not.  We’ll be streaming some Indie Author Day webinars on writing, publishing, and marketing outside of a traditional publishing house, and we’ve brought in some local authors to talk about their experiences with self-publishing.

Want to write your own book? Check out library resource SELFe! You can electronically publish your completed manuscript and it will be automatically included in our digital indie author resource, Biblioboard. If you haven’t heard of either of those before, come to Indie Author Day to find out more!

Indie Author Day will be held this Saturday, October 14th, at the Main Library on Goodwood. We’ll kick off at 12:30 with the following authors:

  • Cheria Lane
  • Cherie Claire
  • Clare de Lune
  • Emily Cogburn
  • Josen Llave
  • Jahi Mackey

If you’re a local indie author, we’d love to have you! Call 225-231-3750 for more information about Indie Author Day.

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