Business Person of the Month: Kenniece Webber of Boodha Noony

Kenniece Webber


Boodha Noony

Contact Information: (225) 963-9995, boodhanoony@gmail.com


We should all be taking better care of our skin – you only get one. Kenniece Webber of Boodha Noony Body Ritual can help.

“Over the years I have struggled with depression, extreme anxiety, blotchy skin, sports injuries/surgeries, motherhood, relationships, health issues, grief, and self-worth. Fortunately, at the age of 26 (after the birth of my second child), I made a conscious decision to seek and incorporate natural solutions into my daily habits as an added assurance in managing what I found to be common human challenges,” says Webber. “My daughter’s skin was too sensitive, and I had to start considering alternatives to over-the-counter products.” The result was Boodha Noony. “I began creating a specialized soothing butter made from essential oil blends and carrier oils.  Every product has been tested on my family for over five years now.  I am overjoyed to report that eczema, asthma and depression are being managed with our good diets and Boodha Noony’s premier Body Ritual.”

The owner of Eco Simple Living, an organic lifestyle consulting firm, Webber’s line of body rituals (multipurpose lotions designed to soothe and moisturize skin) was a family favorite for years before she developed them for sale. “Initially, it was named Eco Simple Treats,” Webber says, but “my family had its own special name – Dat Noony Butter. So as my sister and I began to play with different names, Noony butter was where we began.” The name comes from a longstanding nickname: “My full nickname is NoonyCat.” And Boodha? That came from a brainstorming session on what Webber wanted her brand, both the skincare line and her wider work with Eco Simple Living, to be. “I did not want the practice of Buddha spelling. So after some research, I found the archaic spelling of Buddha, which was Boodha.  I love the historical context of words and because that was a very historical spelling I figured I had enough spiritual connectivity to create a new, revolutionary essence of its name.”

The owner of two successful businesses, Webber does not want to stop there. “I would like my business to grow beyond just Baton Rouge and get my products into a major store chain to offer a fully natural alternative to skin products that saturate the market today.” While, she says, “You must always realize that there is a financial risk. Sometimes the cost of making quality products can be very expensive. Stress is also another issue,” it is also true that financial planning and tax preparation are necessary problems that “come with the privilege of owning your own business.” “Never give up – always stay focused and never give up. Remember: better to chance a dream than live a nightmare. Never accept failure; always use a mishap to fuel and feed your growth and ascension to even better and bigger things,” concluding, “Overall, there are far more things to love and like than dislike.”

For new business owners, Webber says research and having a realistic understanding of your personal finances are crucial. “Always be on the lookout for trends and who else in your area who may be doing the same as yourself,” she says. “Most of all, social media is a major tool that is used to ‘spread the word’ of your product not just locally, but globally. You would be shocked when you get a request for an order from Canada or New Zealand!” Webber sees that Baton Rouge seems to be getting bigger every day, both in terms of population and in the number of opportunities available for new businesses. “Years ago Baton Rouge used to be a small college town with a major focus on the petrochemical industry. Now there are so many different industries, especially in the entertainment industry,” she says. There is room for everyone, and owning your own business can be wonderful: “You are your own boss and you aren’t micromanaged. Your ideas are never shut down you have the ability to work at any time you want to on your own schedule.”

Having helped write a children’s book herself (The Chicken and the Egg, available from Amazon), Webber is a big fan of libraries. “The library is a cultural centerpiece and wealth of ideas for everyone in the community to come together and appreciate. You can tell a whole lot about a city and community by their library system. It is very important to me in that it has a wealth of local information that may not be available online,” says Webber. For businesses, “The library also offers so many free programs that help with business planning that you would have to pay for elsewhere.” (You can learn more about EBRPL’s Small Business Services online.)

The best advice Webber can give, though, is “Live! Be yourself and no on

e else!”

Find Boodha Noony products online and at local stores and arts markets.

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