Doing Business: Mapping the Global Business Environment

World Bank’s Doing Business

Thinking about starting a business in another country? Then you’d better take a trip there to figure out how to get things started.

But wait! You don’t have the time or money for travel — you’re saving for the business and working hard to get it together! Not to worry. World Bank’s Doing Business interactive mapping site allows you to discover how easy (or difficult) it is to do business in 181 economies worldwide.

This site doesn’t just map the dull stuff like GNP and population — it gives you info on the corruption level you’ll have to deal with when starting a business in another country. You can also find out what the infrastructure issues are; how convoluted the bureaucracy is; how likely it is that your business will be ripped off by employees. This is stuff you don’t usually find in a reference book!!

If you’re serious about business-related expatriation, then you should really start with this site. It’s easy to use and will give you a good foundation for further exploration of your possible new business climate.

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