A good vocabulary can open doors. If yours needs a little work, why not have a little fun improving it and do something for others at the same time. can help! is an internet game with two goals: to provide a free educational experience and to end world hunger — and YOU can participate. Just play the game (the free educational goal).

All you have to do is define each word that’s displayed by choosing the correct definition from a list of 4 choices. If you answer correctly, FreeRice will donate 20 grains of rice to the United Nations World Food Program. If you miss the answer, not to worry! You’ll get a second chance to get it right. It’s a win-win proposition. You’ll help feed the world’s hungry people and you’ll learn a whole lot of new words in the process.

Now if you think that 20 grains of rice per answer is a pretty small amount consider this… To date, has donated 49,105,129,470 grains of rice. That’s approximately 1,693,280 pounds of food!

Visit and help yourself while helping others worldwide.

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