We all buy things that we don’t need in the end, but right now, we all should be watching what we spend.

Spendster.org is a kind of online confessional — where you can confess about the stuff you shouldn’t have spent your money on. You know you want to tell somebody about that $2500 you spent on that silly tablet computer…

But the REAL purpose of Spendster isn’t to make you feel guilty about spending money — it’s to give you a chance to talk about what you would do with that money if you still had it today. It’s a real eye-opening experience when you think about it!

Spendster has videos, photos, message boards, an interactive calculator, and articles to help you become a better spender. In short, it’s a great opportunity to learn how and where you spend money.

So give Spendster a whirl — and learn to think before you spend that cash and regret it later.

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