Business Person of the Month: Max Chenevert

Vernon’s Hardware
10960 Florida Blvd.
Baton Rouge, La  70815
Phone: 225-272-0955
Fax:  225-275-6614

Vernon’s Hardware store is operated and managed by Max Chenevert, son of the owner Tommy Chenevert who is retired.  Vernon’s Hardware has been serving the community for almost 50 years.  The store is family owned and operated since its beginning.  “All of this time together has given us the unique opportunity to grow as a family and as a company, which only leads to streamlined customer service for you.”

Vernon Chenevert started the business in 1965 on Florida Blvd. when Florida was developing as a commercial area.  The store relocated to its present site on Florida in 1982.  Managing the store passed to Tommy, his son and now to grandson Max.

Max Chenevert has been involved with the store since an early age; he walked there from St. Thomas Moore Catholic School at the end of his school day beginning in the 4th grade.  He became an official staff member when he was in the 8th grade.  He is an LSU graduate with a degree in English.

Max feels the role of small business in the community is to provide support.  Small businesses, the Mom and Pop stores, stay around; they are in business and in the community for the long haul. They give stability to the community, they open stores and keep them running through the good and lean times.  Big businesses move on when the economy slows and the profits slow down with no thought to jobs and the people.  Loyalty and support from the community to the small stores help the stores stay strong and in business.  The small business is a part of the smaller community within the city.  They help meet the needs of the changing neighborhoods; they know the people and their needs.

Small businesses need the opportunities to grow; they need to be nurtured and protected in the larger economy.  Max feels government should not “shoot down the dream of the small business man”.  Government should not overlook the small businesses and their place in the city’s economy. Small businesses need stimulus to grow in the shrinking economy, they need space to grow and not be over regulated.  Some regulations, rules, permits fees, etc are aimed at big businesses but have a trickledown effect on the small business owner.

Anyone opening a small business should be advised to choose something they love.  The work schedule will be 24/7  during start up and the beginning years.  If you put time and money into the effort it will show and people will notice.  Small businesses must grow with the times; in today’s economy Vernon’s has embraced the eco-friendly Green movement and stocks items to meet this growing market.

Max hopes the future will see a healthy happy Baton Rouge with businesses and people enjoying growth and quality of life.  Vernon’s wants to do their part in helping you with house upkeep and keeping the home running well.   One of their specialties is screens for windows and back doors.  They can custom make new metal screen doors as needed or repair older wooden ones.  They also stock indoor gardening supplies and stock some mason supplies not found at most hardware stores.  Lawn furniture, wicker outdoor furniture, swings chairs, tables, etc. can also be found at Vernon’s hardware.

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