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If you’re like me, when you find an author you really like, you’ll work your way through as many of their books as you can get your hands on. But what happens when the books run out!?

Well, we have a number of useful tools to help you discover read-a-likes and new favorites. When you pull up a book in the library catalog you’ll see recommendations for other reads you might like, and you can also sign up for our book recommendations email NextReads.

We have some powerful databases to help you find that perfect book for you. You will need your library card to access these from outside the library:

Novelist helps you to find recommended authors based on the ones you like. It also breaks down individual books, so if there is a specific book you love you can pull it up, and search for similar based on aspects of the book such as storyline, tone and subject. When you find a new book you are interested in you will also find a selection of reviews on the title to help you choose! See how it works by watching this Novelist Tutorial.

This database,  Novelist K-8  is specifically for children’s books, K-8th grade.
 Fiction Connection lets you find books based by topic, character, location, setting and timeframe. Play around with these fun book databases and who knows what great reads you’ll discover!

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