Expresit Yourself

What’s on your mind? Let us know with the new Expresit app.


The app, part of continuing efforts to bring Baton Rouge into the digital age, lets you rate your experiences with various public services offered here in Baton Rouge, including the police department, airports, and libraries. Just search for the City of Baton Rouge from the app’s home screen.

You can specifically select different branches or locations in each category, say whether something was “good” or “bad” and what characteristics are particularly notable, and write in comments if you want to provide more information.

Expresit Comment Process
From service selection to comment writing.

If you want to address a particular person, you can tag it with their name. You have the option either to register with an email address and username or keep your feedback totally anonymous and use Expresit as a guest; either way, you can either make your feedback public or keep it hidden.


Let us know when something really great happens! Let us know when something really bad happens, so we can fix it! We’d love to hear from you.

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