Legal Information Reference Center

Very few librarians have legal degrees or are in any way qualified to give out legal advice, and in general doing so makes us all very nervous. That’s why the library system subscribes to databases like the Legal Information Reference Center.

2015-11-05 16_02_22-Basic Search_ Legal Information Reference Center

It pulls information from some of the most highly accredited consumer legal information publications on all the subjects seen above. Like all of our other reference centers, the main groups are further divided into more specific categories after you click on the picture.

You can search for popular forms:

2015-11-05 16_33_49-Basic Search_ Legal Information Reference Center
Unfortunately, tax forms are not included.

Or you can search for forms by state:

2015-11-05 16_03_02-Basic Search_ Legal Information Reference Center

This is especially important for Louisiana because law here is unlike law anywhere else in the country. It’s strongly influenced by the Napoleonic Code, because…reasons.

This guy, is the reason. Also the Louisiana Purchase.

…ANYway, if you really need some information and you can’t wait for the next Ask a Lawyer session to come by your local branch or other community center, the Legal Information Reference Center is a great place to start.

As are all libraries.

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