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No one knows better than a librarian how frantic the holidays can be. With relatives flying in from all over the place, second cousins popping out of the woodwork, and everybody’s children running around like they’re being chased by a real live reindeer, it’s easy to forget about those holiday movies you checked out on DVD for a little family bonding – and/or the murder mystery you picked up to give yourself a break.

No judgment. (We’ve got the first season on DVD, by the way.)

So sign up for an account on Library Elf! You just need an email address and a password to set up reminders up to a week before your items are due. You can also set up a weekly reminder so you can keep track of what you have checked out. It’s also got a “track your reading” feature that you can turn on to keep a record of what you checked out based on the check-out and return dates.

Way less creepy than this guy.

It’s extra-great if you’ve got a big family – you can link multiple library cards to a single Library Elf account, so you can keep track of things your children, uncles, parents, and whoever else check out to make sure everybody turns things in on time. If you want to renew anything, just click on the due date in the reminder email – it’ll bring up the library’s login page and you can renew everything online.

If you’ve got some late fees built up, don’t forget that Food for Fines runs the whole month of December. Bring in canned or nonperishable goods for a dollar off your fine per item.

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