Attic Treasures


Forget what’s in your wallet! What’s in your attic? Bring your collectibles, antiques and other treasures for expert review at the 16th Annual Attic Treasures & Collectibles event at the Main Library at Goodwood 9 a.m.-noon Saturday, November 12. It’s very similar to what you see on Antiques Roadshow, which runs on LPB TV. Hundreds of people lined up with their treasures at last year’s event. This is the time to raid your attic, closets and garages for that interesting or antique art, old toys, pottery, jewelry, rifles, war artifacts, small furniture or other item of interest and have them evaluated by skilled professionals. There is a limit of three items per person at the event, and experts will be on hand to look at your collectibles and antiques.

Come for the antiques viewings, but bring your Library card to stay and visit our facilities! For more information on the Attic Treasures event, call (225) 231-3740 or go online to the Library’s website at

If you have something you think might be valuable, use the p4A Antiques database to do some research! It’s free with your library card!

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