Crochet for a Cause

If you’ve been holding on to plastic grocery bags just in case you ever found a use for them, we’ve found you an escape route!

The Crocheting for a Cause program turns plastic bags into sleeping mats for the homeless. Each 3′ x 6′ mat is made of plarn, a “plastic yarn” made of recycled grocery bags. It takes about 500 bags to make enough plarn for one mat. The preparation takes about eight hours, and crocheting a bag takes about six to eight hours. When they’re finished, the mats are donated to Capital Area Alliance for the Homeless.

Sunday’s program at the Main Library will feature a presentation from Gerry Stark on how to make the plarn and the pattern for the sleeping mats. You’ll be able to take that knowledge home, and use it to make your own mats to donate.

Join us this Sunday, November 27th, at the Main Library on Goodwood, from 3-5 PM, to learn more about this excellent program, and how you can get involved.

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    1. The Sunday event is focused on teaching how to make the plarn and the mats, but the library does accept donations of plastic bags. You can bring them to the circulation desk of any branch. If you’d like them to go specifically to the Crocheting for a Cause programs, you can let the person at the desk know. The program is usually run out of the Jones Creek Branch; you can call them at 756-1140 for more information.

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