Historical Software Collection

Visit the Historical Software Collection online and play PacMan the way it was made to be played – via a software emulator right in your computer browser!

SEE – the original 8-bit graphics in all their glory!

HEAR – the sounds of whatever early-childhood video game memories you’ve most been missing! We’re pretty partial to the Mario universe, but oh my gosh The Hobbit get out of the way —

We’re finally going to get to be Gandalf!

This is just another of the wonderful projects brought to you by the Internet Archive. Check out all the weird things previous generations used to have to do to use computers! Experiment with old time management software! Try to write anything in green text on a black background! And then go and thank someone for the screen you’re using to read this document, you hooligans.

If you are one of the people who made this great age of technology possible, we thank you for your dedication. Godspeed.

Go play some video games!

We'll be back in five hours.
We’ll be back in five hours.

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