Food for Fines 2019

Did you keep a DVD a little longer so you could watch it again (and again and again and again)? Did you check out War and Peace as a beach read and then just kind of pick up everything else you could find instead, and then suddenly it was December? (It happens!) Pay off your late fines and help the community by bringing in food! Starting December 1st, all branches of the library will accept non-perishable food items to benefit the Greater Baton Rouge Food Bank. Each item you bring in will take a dollar off your late fines! For more information, call us at (225) 231-3740.

4 thoughts on “Food for Fines 2019”

    1. Please call the Circulation Department at (225)231-3740 with questions about your account. If you have your library card number ready (it’s the number under the bar code on your card), it will be easier for them to look you up in our system.

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