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Do you like antiques? Are you a collector? Or do you just like to look at the things on the Antiques Roadshow? Well, if you answered YES to any of these questions, you’ll really enjoy using the p4A Antiques Reference database!

The information in this interesting database is drawn from the fifty leading regional auction houses located throughout the United States, plus other selected specialist auctions. In it, you’ll find pictures of hundreds of antiques and collectibles offered at auction. The sale prices are included and often there are auction notes about the item.

A wonderful resource for the serious collector and just plain fun for the rest of us!

2 thoughts on “p4A Antiques Reference Database”

  1. Ihave a bunch of antique pictures that I’ve collected, and I don’t know where to have them appraised.I love to watch the antiques road show to see if some of my pictures would show up, I also like to browse different websites in hopes of finding some of my collectibles and the value of them.

  2. The library hosts an annual program called “Attic Treasures” wherein local area antique experts appraise items brought in by the public. Here’s a
    brief synopsis of it from our library calendar:


    “Attic Treasures & Collectibles

    You never know what valuables are hiding in your attic. That dusty, old Archie comic book collection you’ve held onto for decades could actually be worth something!

    This annual program features local and regional collection specialists who will identify items the public brings for evaluation. There is usually a limit of three items per person. Although some collection specialists may feel qualified to offer monetary appraisals on items, the program is
    intended to offer only identification and evaluation. Library books and magazines on antiques, collecting, restoring, and appraising will be available and can be checked out.

    The collection specialists will evaluate items including dolls, stamps, coins, jewelry, pottery, beads, glassware, general antiques, books, and paintings.

    For more information, call (225) 274-4440.

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