Candy 101

For most of us the holiday season means homemade candies. As kids we always looked forward to Aunt Sylvia’s dense, rich, and nutty chocolate fudge or Granny’s meltingly light clouds of divinity. Biting into those yummy treats was just as exciting as opening presents – and we got to eat lots!!

If you’re missing those childhood moments or want to provide them for your young family members, you’ll need recipes – and possibly instructions. That’s where the Candy 101 website comes in. This site isn’t pretty, but it’s got all the essential information you’ll need to master the art and science of candy making.

To make a smooth and creamy fudge (or any kind of candy), you don’t just need a recipe — you need to know what’s going on with your sugar. This site explains sugar science very well. It also has illustrations and explanations of all the stages of candy cooking. And once you’re well-versed in the science, it provides classic recipes for all your favorites. So don’t be intimidated. Give candy making a try!

And remember – even if your fudge is runny and your divinity is flat – they both still taste great!

Happy Holidays!!!

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